This week, I did some research on improving blog content and performance. I thought I’d maybe get a logo and start to promote it on a few different platforms, perhaps even try to guest blog if I was feeling terribly brave. I’ve been reading lots of posts about blogging but most of it has left me with this expression…

What the.... Huh?
What the hell is Adsense? It looks scary…

Everybody has to start somewhere though so I thought I’d update my Twitter account as the first step. I hadn’t really used Twitter for years so the profile photo and bio were from another life. When I opened my photo, I saw this.

old me (4)I mean, just look at that! That is actually me. Really. In a backbend. I was reasonably slim, comfortable in my healthy body and creepily flexible (I had just finished a yoga teacher training course). I’m gonna show you again cuz I didn’t believe it either…

Would you just LOOK at me! Red-faced after a two hour yoga session and able to push into Urdhva Dhanurasana!
Would you just LOOK at me!

As I sit here writing this, I am scoffing a Reese’s Nut Bar and the last time I used my yoga mat was as a crawl-course for Austin. I tend not to put of photo’s of myself on the blog because I am so self-conscious of the extra weight I am carrying and, as Austin is now 9 months old, I can no longer use the excuse “I just had a baby.”

Deep breath –  I am four stone heavier than I was in that photo.

4 Stone.

56 Pounds.

25 Kilograms.

That's Four of Me!
That’s Four of *Me*!

I don’t feel that heavy. As I’m going about my day I think of myself as my usual size ten or twelve. Then I’ll catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and am completely thrown by what I see. Two months ago, Dave took a video of me playing with Austin and, when I watched it that night, I spent half an hour staring at freeze frames with a giant lump in my throat. And now Twitter has shocked me completely with an entirely different woman in my profile picture.

It is time to get it together.

I’m not changing my Twitter photo. I’ll take another one when I feel as comfortable in my own skin as I did in this one… that’s right, I’m gonna show you again – sorry, but just look at me!

Would you just LOOK at me! Red-faced after a two hour yoga session and able to push into Urdhva Dhanurasana!

Right, I’m off to re-join YogaGlo and look up healthy recipes on Pinterest… while doing squats. 🙂

I will post updates every now and again  – because now that I have put it out there on the big, bad interweb, I feel obliged to ensure my next profile picture isn’t me eating chocolates and sitting on my butt!