Bhagwans Pharmacy Eczema Cream Review

Last week, we had some lovely weather so I got out the suncream and planned Austin’s Fun-in-the-Sun week. We’d take walks in Powerscourt and Mount Usher, picnic at Glenroe Farm, maybe even set up a pool in the back garden and splash about outside. My pale little fella would be covered in factor fifty and protected by a hat but I felt sure he’d love all the outdoor adventures. I planned a BBQ in our local hotel for his Christening at the end of the week.

Shady-Baby at the Beach!
Shady-Baby at the Beach!

Unfortunately, the heat caused his eczema to flare up and by Tuesday, he had torn his skin with his little nails and was not a happy bunny at all. I felt so sorry for him and, I’m embarrassed to say, I was upset that his Christening photo’s would forever show the red marks on his gorgeous mug.

If you can stomach it, my last post contains a photo that shows the poor little munchkins face.

But I had  secret weapon. A little miracle in a small white tub.

See how the tub is made pretty by the Penneys lantern in the background - photography at its  finest...
Penneys lantern in the background for style…

This is a tailor-made cream that I picked up in Bhagwans Pharmacy in Ballinteer, just up the road from Dundrum Shopping Centre. The pharmacist, a quiet and very polite man, saw Austin himself and gave me a sheet of paper with a hand-written list of ways to reduce the flare-up and keep them from recurring. He told me to keep the baby cool by patting -him down with a damp cloth a few times a day and to apply the cream at least three times daily until his skin was back to normal.

And it worked. Almost as well as the steroid cream that I hate putting on his soft new skin.

The cream itself is a mixture of different oils and ointments mixed with a tiny amount of steroid (.001%). So you can apply generously and still know that you’re not saturating your baby’s skin with Hydro-cortisone. I followed the directions on the leaflet and applied the cream generously and often. Overnight, Austins skin had improved. And by the second night he was back to his normal happy little self.

So we went to Glenroe and had some fun to celebrate!

Not really sure what to make of the swing...
Not really sure what to make of the swing…

I cannot recommend this cream enough, for babies or adults (a friend of mine uses a version of this cream that the pharmacy made up for her and she loves it). I only use it during flare-ups because it does contain steroid – I moisturise him with Diprobase three times a day when his skin is perfect, to try to keep him itch-free. But my doctor (who has a baby with eczema herself) tells me that you can use this cream continually on the body for both adults and kids.

So, if you or your little munchkin have eczema, you may want to give this cream a go. You can trial it in a small size for less than 20 euro and they have a selection of larger sizes you can buy if you find it works for you. I hope you get the same great results we did!


Disclosure – This review is my own personal, honest opinion. I am in no way affiliated with the product and I was not sponsored or compensated for this post. Babies with eczema should be under the care of a dermatologist or GP and you should discuss the use of any topical creams or lotions with their doctor prior to application.

On Being Happy about Rain

Here’s something I never thought I’d say – I am loving the rain today. It’s even a little chilly in our small corner of the world and Austin is like a different baby without the blasting sunshine and sticky humidity.

Eczema and summer do not play well together and in the recent ‘heatwave’ (over 15 degrees, don’t you know!) my poor little munchkin had a flare-up that stopped him sleeping well and generally made his life uncomfortable for a few days.

Here are a tough pic for anyone that can handle it…. (cue the sympathetic squint)

Poor little ButterNut!

Needless to say, all my plans of taking a holiday to somewhere warm and sunny have been reduced to trawling through some fabulous Irish Parenting Blogs for fun summer activities in Ireland.

But its not all bad. I found a miracle cream that nixed the flare-up in two days and I’ll be reviewing it tomorrow for anyone with a scratchy little baby of their own.

This week, I’ll also be writing about Austin’s Christening, during which I got the pram stuck in the door of the church, got so nervous that I ignored the priests’ directions and drank a little too much champers for my own good… Stay Tuned!