Band T-Shirts for Babies

Austin’s Christening is this weekend and I, of course, am totally unprepared.

To prevent a last minute nightmare, my wonderful mum took us to Dundrum today to buy the child an outfit for his big day. Truthfully, I am not the most religious person and the whole Baptism process is just a little bit stress-inducing. So, I decided to tackle my apprehension head-on.

Then I bought him some summer T-Shirts instead. Check out this deadly one I found in Next!

Austin Can't Get No Satisfaction.
Austin Can’t Get No Satisfaction.

Luckily, Mom saved the day and bought him not one, but TWO outfits to choose from. She justified this phenomenal overspend by explaining that the baby was asleep and it would not be fair to wake him to try them on. You gotta love a grandmothers logic when she’s spoiling a baby rotten! But would you look at these adorable outfits???

Outfit 1 – Baby Branson of Downton Abbey
Outfit 2 – Lil’ Gordon Gekko

I cannot wait to dress him up and watch his serious little face as he tries to figure out why on earth there are so many people gathered around him, smiling at him. Which outfit would you pick?

A huge thank you to Austin’s fabulous, generous and loving Nana! Love and Hugs!!!