A Bit About Me

A rare itch-less moment!

Hi There!

I’m Ashling, mother to a gorgeous baby boy, wife to an epic husband and a writer of fiction I never attempt to publish.

I blog about Symphysis Pubis Disfunction, Baby Eczema, Allergies and other health related concerns of motherhood, along with some personal thoughts and honest reviews of products I have found work for me and my baby at https://babyscratchings.com

I live with my husband, our little baby Austin and our escape-artist dog in a small village in Wicklow called Negative-Equity-Land!

While I work in Finance these days, I’m also a qualified yoga instructor and hold a degree in English from University College, Dublin. You can find me on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram (kind of) and Facebook.

If you would like to contact me for brand, review or collaborative work, please email ashling.dennehy@gmail.com

I really hope you find this page useful!





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