Family Heirloom Surprise

My table is too big for my kitchen.

I have bruises from hitting off the corner of it as I try to get to the back door or pop something in the bin. The room feels tiny in its presence and not being able to walk around it makes me claustrophobic.

But today, I came home and found this.

This is *not* my kitchen table
This is *not* my kitchen table

This table is a hundred and five years old and has been in my family since 1910. The underside of the tabletop holds the scrawled handwriting of my great-uncle (which he scratched into it as a child) along with mine and my brothers’ when we were growing up. My mom brought it out of storage in secret and sent it to a local antique repair company with specific instructions that the underside of the table was to be left as is, so that Austin could add his mark to it when he gets a bit older. How wonderful is that?

Mom – I cannot tell you how grateful I am and how much this table means to me. It’s not just the avoidance of bruised hips and more space in my little home. It’s a physical expression of the wonderful, happy childhood that you and dad worked so hard to give to me and a gentle reminder that my family is the the most important thing in my life.

I try my absolute hardest to be as good a mom to Austin as you are to me but I doubt I will ever top your flair for the grand gesture!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all of it.

Me and Mom with some bubbly!
Me and Mom with some bubbly!

8 thoughts on “Family Heirloom Surprise

  1. I am a firm believer that we should surround ourselves and our home with things we love and have meaning. This has both and looks lovely. What a wonderful gift from your mom

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      • I have my grandmothers dining room set and her bedroom set and while it may not be as perfect as it was in 1940 I love it. That’s what happens when you are the 3rd generation to own the same own and the 4th generation to live in it 🙂

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    • There’s just something about having such personal history in your home – and as soon as I started my own family it seemed to become more precious. I just live that one day he’ll be carving his name in there like his great-great uncle did!

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