My Baby Makes Me Sick!

Ha! I thought that title might get your attention. πŸ˜† He actually did make me sick though…

In my last post I talked about a big, dirty, emotional secretΒ that ended with Austin feeling poorly and me giving him big snuggles for the day. (BTW, I can’t tell you how much better I feel after hearing that other moms experienced similar fears and guilt on returning to work. Sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to read and comment on that post).

However, it turns out that letting your 9 month old rub his snotty face on your neck when he’s picked up a bug might actually result in you picking it up too. Clever Mama.

For two days, Austin has been playing with Daddy and toughing it out like a Boss while his weak-ass Mama milks it for all its worth in bed with a steady stream of Lemsips and hot whiskeys.

This is when you know you have married the right guy.

Dave garnished the soup with basil leaves and brought it to me in bed and kept Austin entertained for the evening and put him to bed and watched Fear the Walking Dead with me even though I was a sweaty, shivering mess. And he only commented once on how Austin was handling being sick better than me.

We’re feeling a little better now and I’m taking a random blogging course I bought on Groupon, so I will be back posting in no time – maybe with some improvement! But for now I will continue milking it for a day or two while the Carrier Monkey and I recover…

See you soon!

5 thoughts on “My Baby Makes Me Sick!

  1. Milk it for as long as you can. Believe me once your husband catches on you will see what babies they become when they are sick. In fact they make sick babies look well that’s how good they are. Hope you and the little one are feeling better soon

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