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The Monthly Batch Cooking Freezer Meals for 50 Euro – Part 1

I love to cook – yes, even batch cooking. Really, I find it relaxing and satisfying – especially if I have lots of time to prepare and clean the kitchen as I go. I’m not amazing at it (my older brother puts me to shame every time with his Michelin star creations) but Dave has been known fake an argument so I get stressed and start to bake… 🙂

However, when I return to work, I won’t want to cook a dinner in the precious two hours I have with Austin before his bedtime. To prevent meal prep taking much time, I created the following list of batch cooking dinners, just for me and Dave, that can be made and frozen in advance. The prep time for each dish is about a half hour so they can be done at nap-time, on the weekends or during Peppa Pig, if needs be!

For a bit of variety, I created two weeks worth of meals and made doubles of each so I have a months worth of food in the house. Each double week of meals cost only 50 Euro in Aldi so this can be used if you are trying batch cooking from a tight budget and don’t want to spend a million hours working our whats for dinner! I also had a ten euro voucher which was inexplicably satisfying to use.

I’ve split this post into two parts as you would not want to cook the two weeks together on the same day – it would get a bit confusing and messy (or is that just me?)

Here is what’s on the batch cooking menu (and yes, the pizza night is a take-away night – I swear I am starting a diet soon!):

Week 1

Monday – Lasanga
Tuesday – Chicken Curry
Wednesday – Salmon Fishcakes with Sweet Potato Chips
Thursday – Pulled Pork Baps
Friday – Pizza
Saturday – Chicken and Chorizo Potato Bake
Sunday – Fish and Veggie Pie

Week 2

Monday – Meatball Subs
Tuesday – Chicken Enchiladas
Wednesday – Seafood Chowder
Thursday – Chicken and Veggie Pie
Friday – Pizza
Saturday – Chilli
Sunday – Ham and Roast Potatoes

If you’d like to give this a go, I have attached the recipes for Week 1 plus a shopping list that is set out, pretty conveniently, in the order which they appear on Aldi shelves (you can thank me after this saves you twenty minutes in the shop0 🙂

Week two will be coming shortly.

I really hope you find this useful!

This is my first post that holds a printable (and my first time writing recipes) so please let me know if there are any errors so I can correct them.

Also, if you have any other yummy dinners that can be made quickly in advance, please do share in the comments below!

Shopping List for Week 1 Freezer Meals

Week 1 Freezer Meal Recipes

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